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St-Rémy emphasises French origins in packaging redesign

St-Rémy is aiming to capitalise on its pure French origins with a packaging redesign for its brandy range.

All St-Rémy XO and VSOP bottles, along with the St-Rémy XO giftbox, will now display two messages on their labels pertaining to the brand's origins: 'Only French Wines, Distilled in France' and 'Blended, Matured & Bottled in France'.

St-Rémy brandies use a combination of red and white grape eaux-de-vie sourced from regions around France including Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, which the company says is integral to its end products.

These eaux-de-vie are assessed and blended by St-Rémy master blender Cecile Roudaut before being matured in small oak barrels.

Roudaut said: "The careful balancing of the distilled eaux-de-vie, where I combine tastes from across France into a single blend, is what makes St-Rémy so unique. The use of multiple eaux-de-vie ensures we can perpetuate St-Rémy’s iconic harmonious fruity taste, year after year."

According to IWSR data from 2020, St-Rémy holds the largest value share of the French brandy market of any producer (17.7 per cent).

28 June 2021 - Bethany Whymark