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Diageo and ServedUp partner on G&T giveaway scheme

Diageo has partnered with digital hospitality platform ServedUp to give away 25,000 free Gordon's gin and tonics to pub goers.

The initiative, which launches on 1 July in more than 200 venues across the UK, will enable customers to scan a QR code on their table to select a free gin and tonic as part of a 2-for-1 deal.

The scheme is taking place in venues that use ServedUp, a mobile order-to-table and payment system, and is a bid by both ServedUp and Diageo to help the UK hospitality industry get back on its feet.

The 25,000 free gin and tonics will be offered on a first come, first served basis, with every participating venue being allocated around 125 each.

Hugo Tilmouth, CEO of ServedUp, said: "At ServedUp, we are constantly looking to support and upgrade the hospitality and retail sector - whether that's through the solutions we've developed to deliver a better way of working, socialising and staying safe, or by partnering wtih firms like Diageo to foot the bill on 25,000 Gordon's gin and tonics, so that hospitality venues can reward and incentivise their valuable customers."

1 July 2021 - Bethany Whymark