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William Grant & Sons relaunches Unwrapped Sessions

William Grant & Sons is bringing back its ambassador-led 'Unwrapped Sessions' to provide learning opportunities for hospitality professionals.

Curated by the William Grant & Sons UK brand ambassador team, the sessions will provide opportunities for career enrichment, personal growth and wellbeing support during a period of upheaval for the hospitality industry, as the UK's Covid-19 lockdown measures continue to ease.

From exploring some of Scotland's maverick producers to navigating the art of cocktail making, the brand ambassadors will share their secrets to success on a number of topics with help from a cast of special guests. The sessions are designed to be watched on the go, breaking topics down into bite-sized chapters.

Fab Latham, Reyka UK ambassador, said: "Unwrapped is essentially an educational expression of the William Grant & Sons ambassador team's extra-curricular interests. It's great to meet the BA behind some of the most awarded brands in the world, find out about the topics they're passionate about, and also hear from special guests whose expertise knows no bounds.

"There's something for everyone and our new format of bite-size episodes means you can dip in and out of different topics on the go, wherever you are, at any time of day."

The topics and presenters are:

  • Fab Latham, Reyka UK ambassador: Adventurivity Origins, 9 July
  • Alwynne Gwilt, The Balvenie UK ambassador: De-stress and be malt-ful, 9 July
  • John Wayte, Monkey Shoulder UK ambassador: Barography // Bangers, 6 August
  • Mark Thomson, Glenfiddich ambassador to Scotland: Mavericks on the Move, 6 August
  • Alex Walker, Glenfiddich national ambassador: The Cocktail Fix, 3 September
  • Sarah Beradi, Hendrick's Gin UK ambassador: Fake it 'till you make it, 3 September
  • Conor Friel, Tullamore D.E.W. UK ambassador: The Beauty of Constraint, 3 September
  • Jody Buchan, Monkey Shoulder Scotland and north ambassador: Caskmaster, 3 September
  • Calum Fraser, premium spirits specialist: Lifing the lid on your recycling bin: Sustainability in the real world, 3 September

Bryony Ritchie, senior advocacy and events manager, said: "The beauty of our Unwrapped Sessions is that the series offers something for everyone, so whether you are a hospitality professional or work in another field, there will be a topic that will be of interest to you. 

"Our aim is for Unwrapped to provide a platform for our ambassadors to connect with our audiences and ignite passion and conversation to help drive our industry forward after an exceptionally challenging 18 months."

The sessions will be released throughout the year via a dedicated site withint Difford's Guide, with the first two releaesd on 9 July.

William Grant & Sons has been supporting the hospitality industry through the #standfast campaign, donating funds the The Drinks Trust and The Ben, which has so far raised more than £110,000 to date.

9 July 2021 - Bethany Whymark