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Carlsberg unveils redesign for Brewmasters IPA

Carlsberg has teamed up with Danish design agency Everland to create a new look for its Brewmasters IPA.

The new design aims to blend the heritage both of Carlsberg as a brewer and the IPA style with a modern appeal for today's beer drinkers.

In recent years the IPA - an historical beer style first drunk by sailors on long-distance sea voyages - has become a cornerstone of the craft brewing movement.

Of the project, Carl Johan Larsson, creative director at Everland, said: "The new Brewmasters IPA design is a brew of the craft and charisma that originates from Carlsberg. It's a refreshing design that honours the brewery's heritage and modern appeal."

The inspiration for the redesign was Carlsberg's brewery entrance, which is adorned with two Indian elephants interlanced with carved hop plants. Carlsberg said the purpose of the new design is to pay tribute to its former brewmasters and to "the place and the people who made it all possible".

16 August 2021 - Bethany Whymark