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Cornish Orchards unveils new look for summer

Artisanal British cider maker Cornish Orchards is celebrating its roots with a new visual brand identity.

Focusing on the natural beauty spots around its home at Westnorth Manor Farm in Cornwall, products bearing the new brand identity are available now in on-trade venues and major supermarkets across the UK.

The new look, which includes a word marque and brand icon alongside visual markers of the brand's heritage and homeland, has already performed well in consumer testing. To celebrate the launch of the new identity, Cornish Orchards will be hosting pub garden takeovers at venues in Langstone and Teddington. 

Asahi UK managing director Tim Clay said: "Crafted by expert cider makers from Duloe, Cornwall, every batch of Cornish Orchards offers outstanding flavour and quality of refreshing cider with fruity aromas. A truly authentic artisanal British cider brand, that we know has already proved popular with foodies, Cornish Orchards is able not only to deliver super-premium ciders but it's also a business steeped in heritage and sustainability.

"At Asahi, we always pride outselves on offering the very best from our portfolio, and whilst we may be known for our beers, when it comes to the cider we offer, that is no exception. We look forward to seeing how fans of Cornish Orchards and new consumers engage with the new visual identity and bar takeovers."

20 August 2021 - Bethany Whymark