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Belvedere opens biomass capture facility

Super-premium vodka brand Belvedere has opened an on-site biomass capture facility as part of its commitment to reduce carbon emissions.

Belvedere received a grant from the European Commission to pilot the ambitious project, which will start producing renewable energy in 2022 and is set to reduce the site's energy-related CO2 emissions by 95 per cent.

The installation is in-keeping with Belvedere's 'Made With Nature' platform, introduced in 2020 to emphasise the brand's connection to nature and its home environment. As part of its sustainability strategy, the brand is implementing new responsible business practices and green initiatives to "nourish" its local ecosystems, mitigate the impacts of climate change, and engage with consumers.

Of the new biomass facility, Rodney Williams, president and CEO of Belvedere Vodka, said: "We know we have a long way to realising our ambitions to nourish the lands we share and protect the ecosystems and biodiversity we depend upon. 

"This new biomass facility marks a major step forward towards Belvedere making good on our belief that better business practices create a better world."

Belvedere's journey to a greener future began almost a decade ago. Between 2012 and 2017 it reduced its carbon emissions by 42 per cent and it has so far eliminated 95 per cent of single-use plastics from its products. The brand has set eight sustainability commitments to achieve by 2025:

  • Converting to organic farming, a process which began in 2020
  • Restoring landscapes, through a regenerative soil programme in Poland
  • Reducing water waste by 40 per cent, to contribute to an overall 27 per cent reduction in water sourced from its wells
  • Pursuing more renewable energy solutions, including installing a supplementary solar energy system
  • Implementing sustainable packaging solutions, including increasing the use of recycled plastics and recycled glass
  • Recovering heat waste from distillation to convert into fuel
  • Working with local communities to promote and supply green energy
  • Leveraging non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and university collaborations for greater water protection and efficiencies, including the Raw Spirit Program launched in partnership with the Technical University of Lodz

14 September 2021 - Bethany Whymark