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The Producer mezcal range launches in US

Mezcal brand The Producer is set for its US launch later this month with two expressions.

The brand, from Oaxaca, Mexico, will be launching with its Ensamble and Tepeztate mezcals, each 40.2% ABV.

The palenque, or distillery, behind the Producer Ensamble mezcal is Tlacolula de Matamoros in Oaxaca, while Producer Tepeztate mezcal hails from Santiago Matatlan and is made using agave from the coastal Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca.

Each expression in The Producer range is designed to showcase the story and talent of the producers behind it: third-generation mezcaleros Erasto Martinez Hernandez and Celestino Sernas Lopez, and Juan Pacheco Santos. Its spirits are made from a blend of Espadin and Cuishe agave.

Coinciding with its product launch, The Producer will also be launching the annual Producer Series in partnership with Swiss Beatz, which will highlight partnerships with influential artists.

Carlos Sada, head of operations for The Producer, said: "The project started as a bridge of connections between US and Mexican cultures, with the goal to open the door for those curious about mezcal, wanting to learn about the individual agaves, palenques, and producers, and the role mezcal plays within the culture of Oaxaca. 

"The Producer is dedicated to philanthropic ventures and community growth programmes, by providing educational resources and various mentorship opportunities to its community of producers and their families in Oaxaca."

The Producer's Ensamble (RRP $46.99) and Tepeztate ($97.99) mezcals are available at retailers in California, New York, Nevada, and Texas.

15 September 2021 - Bethany Whymark