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Hrastnik1860 releases 'world's most sustainable bottle'

Hrastnik1860 has announced the launch of what it believes to be the most sustainable glass bottle in the world.

The European packaging giant says the new release will help towards company-wide targets on environmental impact reduction - a matter of particular concern for glass manufacturers.

It is hailing the new glass bottles - which are made with a carbon-free production process - as proof that the industry can make the "much-needed transition" towards greater sustainability and reduced emissions.

To make the new bottles, Hrastnik1860 used only renewable energy sources to generate the heat to melt and mould the glass, and they also make use of external cullet collected from waste recycled glass. The company says using this carbon-neutral production method has seen no detectable impact on glass quality.

The bottles were unveiled at the Expo 2020 Dubai trade show. Of the launch, Peter Čas, CEO of Hrastnik1860, said: "The future is strongly relying on the sustainable actions. Hrastnik1860 is doing its part in this respect and works with inspiration to fulfil the set of climate and environmental commitments. The goal was set to find [a] solution, and we are proudly announcing that we have paved the way for [a] bright and sustainable upcoming period in our industry.

"The opening of such a large event as Expo 2020 Dubai coincides with the most sustainable bottle in the world, which is not only an indicator of a breakthrough for Hrastnik1860, but above all proof that the transition to sustainability can be carried out in energy-intensive industries."

Hrastnik1860 has committed to replace a third of its fossil fuel consumption with green energy by 2025, to increase energy efficiency by 10 per cent and decrease its carbon footprint by more than 25 per cent. It aims to be fully carbon neutral by 2050.

11 October 2021 - Bethany Whymark