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Bacardi India launches Good Man premium brandy

Bacardi India has announced the launch of Good Man - its first spirit designed specifically for the domestic customer base.

The premium blended brandy is Bacardi India's first foray into the brandy and Indian-made foreign liquor (IMFL) category. It is made from a blend of French and Indian grape brandies, aged for a minimum of two years in oak casks.

Bacardi India says that the liquid "celebrates new-age consumers who seek to be the best version of themselves". 

Sanjit Randhawa, managing director of Bacardi India, said: "We are excited to announce Bacardi India's foray into the premium brandy segment with the launch of Good Man. Our aim is to grow the business five-fold by 2030, and this launch reiterates our commitment to the market. It fortifies our premium portfolio as we continue to capture a larger share of the brown spirits category.

"It's also a major step in strengthening our presence in the country, with this being the first in-house brand created in the market, specifically with the Indian consumer in mind."

Ayaesha Gooptu, Bacardi's head of innovations, AMEA (Asia, Middle East and Africa), said: "With innovation at the very core, Bacardi has always evolved and introduced new products to provide outstanding experiences to consumers. In line with that, Good Man, too, aims to offer an enhanced drinking experience to the discerning Indian consumer.

"It is an important launch in the portfolio, from the 'Year of Innovations' perspective, and we are very optimistic. Initially, we will focus on understanding consumer sentiment and then we will take this brand to more markets."

India is the world's second-largest brandy market, accounting for 39 per cent of global consumption, and it is the second-largest spirits category in the country. The introduction of Good Man makes Bacardi the only international player in India's premium brandy sector, which is growing about five times faster than the brandy category as a whole in the country.

Good Man will first be introduced in the southern states (including Kerala and Karnataka), where around 98 per cent of India's brandy market share is concentrated.

Zeenah Vilcassim, head of marketing at Bacardi India, added: "Consumers across the country are open to experimenting more in their drinking choices and are seeking more premium experiences. Good Man, with its international lineage, aims to inspire this new-age Indian drinker to find their true voice, express their true self and enjoy a drinking experience that is frankly a cut above all the rest."

14 February 2022 - Bethany Whymark