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Hendrick's launches coastal-inspired Neptunia Gin

Hendrick’s has announced the launch of Neptunia, the latest limited-edition gin release from its sought-after Cabinet of Curiosities range.

Created by Hendrick’s master distiller Lesley Gracie, Neptunia is designed capture the magic of the rugged coastline near the brand’s home in Ayrshire, Scotland. Its inspiration came from Lesley’s beach strolls, watching the waves roll in from the Irish Sea.

Neptunia is distilled with a range of Scottish coastal botanicals, mixed to a closely guarded recipe with Hendrick’s’ original gin. The brand says the new spirit has a great balance between citrus, floral and spice, with “delicious notes of a distant sea breeze”.

Speaking about the new release, Lesley said: “Most of my creations are based on memories. Hendrick’s Neptunia, for me, is that freeing feeling of the sea bottled in a gin – the wind in your hair and the salty sea breeze on your face. You have that distinctive fresh character of coastal herbs, depth of flavour from the sea botanicals and an unmistakable clean, bright citrus finish that lifts and lightens in a round, refreshing way that makes it Hendrick’s.”

In an exciting move for Hendrick’s, Neptunia will have the highest volume of any of the brand’s limited-edition products to date. Previous special editions in the Cabinet of Curiosities range include Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice, Lunar and Amazonia.

Sarah Berardi, Hendrick’s UK ambassador, added: “As a brand that takes delight in the unusual, Hendrick’s has a curiously different approach to liquid innovation. Lesley is constantly pushing boundaries, captivating people by creating sensorially rich worlds with her gins. With Hendrick’s Neptunia, Lesley has captured the magic of the sea in a gin, and I’m looking forward to seeing how people experiment with this latest expression.”

Hendrick’s Neptunia launches on 1 March, 2022 and is around for a limited time only, from retailers including Amazon and Clink.

3 March 2022 - Bethany Whymark