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Rosé wine Mateus unveils limited-edition designs

Rosé wine brand Mateus is celebrating its 80th anniversary with the release of three limited-edition bottles.

The Portuguese brand is paying tribute to its musical heritage in the limited designs, named Fado, Rock, and Dance Music.

Fado is inspired by the traditional Portuguese music style of the same name, in particular by one of the genre's most famous artists, Amália Rodrigues. Rock represents the brand's historical connection to rock and roll, including artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Ace Frehley and Elton John. Dance is dedicated to the 'relaxed, friendly nature' of the brand and is designed for Mateus' younger fans. 

Fernando da Cunha Guedes, president of Sogrape, said: "To celebrate 80 years of Mateus means to celebrate a stroy of success of Sogrape's most iconic brand. Honouring the dream of my grandfather, who knew how to combine courage, audacity and passion, this is a very special occasion for the brand that best represents and expresses our spirit of friendship and happiness.

"For all that it represents, Mateus is Sogrape's jewel in the crown. It is past, the present and the future that has led us to where we are and promises to take us even further."

20 June 2022 - Bethany Whymark