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1800 Tequila unveils new packaging

Proximo Spirits has redesigned the packaging of its 1800 Tequila range as part of a brand-wide revamp.

The new packaging is rolling out in EMEA and APAC markets in the coming weeks. It will be applied to the 1800 Silver, Coconut, Añejo and Reposada Tequilas - but the brand has stated that it will not be changing the designs for its Cristalino or Milenio expressions, which use bespoke packaging to reflect their more premium positioning.

The packaging redesign includes: a shift in language, calling out the category variant and Spanish language accents to drive authenticity; iconography on the bottleneck to show the spirits' production methods, with the aim of educating consumers on Tequila making; and tasting notes and nutritional facts.

The redesign complements 1800 Tequila's two focuses for the UK market: trade education, and consumer awareness.

Gordon Dron, from Proximo Spirits, said: "There is still a significant piece of consumer education to be completed within the Tequila category and one of the ways we are addressing this is with our packaging innovation.

"Our new designs highlight 1800's unique process, using hand-picked harvests from family-owned ranches in the highlands of Jalisco, Mexico, and 10 generations of expertise - something which really sets us apart from our competitors."

6 July 2022 - Bethany Whymark