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New Cognac collection by Maison Bache-Gabrielsen announced

Maison Bache-Gabrielsen has announced the launch of its tailor-made cognac collection, “Years in Cask,” which will feature four new releases of varying ages.

The youngest is a 19 Years Old vintage 2002 grand champagne, coming in with an RRP of €179. Its ABV of 47.2% makes it the strongest of the four releases.

The next is a 22 Years Old vintage 1999 grande champagne single cask with a slightly lower ABV of 46.9%. Its RRP is markedly higher at €209.

The third is a 24 Years Old vintage 1998 Fins Bois. Aged 24 years in oak cask and 9 in demijohn, the liquid has an ABV of 40.8% and RRP of €224.

Last not not least is the oldest and most valuable of the set. The 37 Years Old Vintage 1973 Fins Bois has a considerably higher RRP of €379, with an ABV of 41.2%. It’s aged 37 years in oak cask and 11 years in demijohn.

General manager Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen commented: “Our aim is to highlight the years of maturation in cask to demonstrate the real impact of the oak on the cognac. For optimum maturity, some of these vintage cognacs were placed in demijohns after aging and stored in our Paradise”

The limited edition collection will be available through the Bache Gabrielsen e-shop from September.

Cellar Master of the House, Jean-Philippe Bergier, said: “These cognacs show particular qualities of maturation and complexity, with a distinctive taste profile. The collection offers diversity and total transparency on the journey of each of the four cognacs”

Christopher Coates, editor of Whisky Magazine, sampled each of the four liquids and his notes can be found below:

19 Years Old Vintage 2002 Single Cask (Grande Champagne)

Nose: Hazelnut liqueur, milk chocolate pieces and honey-coated almonds. Dried apricots and raisins. Subtle pipe tobacco and black cherry. Delicate spices, including nutmeg and fresh white pepper. 

Palate: Full bodied. Blood orange and red berry preserve, with blackberry and cherry. Ripe nectarine and subtle barberry. Fresh peach slices in syrup. Poached pear with caramel and buttery pastry crust.

Finish: Long, on the peach and pear notes. Delicate tannins add structure. Subtle white pepper.

Comment: Indulgently packed full of flavour. The kind of spirit one could return to again and again.


22 Years Old Vintage 1999 Single Cask (Grande Champagne)

Nose: Milk chocolate and candied ginger. Chewy toffies. Glace cherry, plum wine and bramble jam. Subtle herbal notes of sage and spearmint leaf. Cedarwood cigar box.

Palate: Medium-full. Amarena cherry, milk chocolate, toasted brioche, delicate tobacco. Bitter orange and cola cube. Toffee sauce over apple flan. Slightly mentholic. Allspice and anise. 

Finish: Medium. On bitter orange peels, delicate woody notes and fennel.

Comment: One for those who like a little ‘herbs and spices’ character to their spirits.


24 Years Old Vintage 1988 Single Cask (Fins Bois)

Nose: Apricot yoghurt and dried tropical fruits: mango, papaya and pineapple. Gooseberry jam and dried lemon. Pencil shavings and sweet vanilla sponge cake. Fresh blueberries and aloe vera. Subtle spearmint.

Palate: Fresh blueberries with yoghurt and heather honey. The mint note is back, with ginger cake and white chocolate. Candied pistachios and almonds. Very subtle violet florals.

Finish: Medium. On sultana and the floral notes.

Comment: For such a well-aged spirit, this is remarkably fresh and fragrant. Wonderfully elegant.


37 Years Old Vintage 1973 Single Cask (Fins Bois)

Nose: Heady with garden aromas. Florals of Pot Pourri and rose water, with green notes of cut flower stems, aloe, and honeydew melon. Sweet leather, camphorwood, coffee beans and black treacle round out the bass notes.  

Palate: Medium-bodied. A beautiful balance of sweet nougat and florals, particularly violet, rose and heather. Mandarin segments in juice and tropical notes of passion fruit and papaya, with some lemon oils. Delicate herbs and menthol cooling.

Finish: Medium. The rose and mandarin notes fade to plum flesh and green apple.

Comment: Deeply complex. A florist, or perhaps a parfumerie, in a glass.  



28 July 2022 - Bradley Weir