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Rosebank launches 31 Year Old whisky

Rosebank has announced the launch of a rare bottling, drawn from casks salvaged in the early 1990s before the distillery’s closure.

It marks the second global release since the distillery’s closure in 1993, with the revival of the distillery expected to be completed by 2023.

The 31 year old single malt is comprised of scarce stocks and is now available to purchase through Rosebank’s website, priced at £1,800 with an ABV of 48.1%.

The producer has described the smell as having notes of lime, lemongrass and coriander seed, the palate as mint with notes of berry and banana bread, concluded by a sweetened finish with hints of peach and oak. 

Distillery manager Malcolm Rennie said on the release: “This is the first Rosebank release during my tenure as Distillery Manager and I’m under no illusions as to the importance of this launch. The spirit was distilled before the distillery closed its doors and has matured in casks ever since, waiting to be awoken.”

“It fills me with great pride to know that the 31 Year Old will be the last ‘old Rosebank’ release before the distillery is reopened to the public. The revival of this sleeping giant is a huge moment for the whisky community, but most importantly for the people of Falkirk who have patiently awaited its return for three decades.”

Various whisky critics were invited to a tasting session of the new dram, including Becky Paskin, Brad Japhe, Moa Nilsson and Thijs Klaverstijn. Their thoughts are written below:

Paskin said: “The first taste was mind blowing. It was a rush of exotic fruits, with a subtle hint of cask wood and spice. A juxtaposition of styles that makes Rosebank truly unique.”

Japhe added: “There’s an evolution that happens as it sits in front of you – toasted biscuits, brioche, cotton candy, and grapefruit zest all developed while the dram was in the glass.”

Nilsson continued: “Golden amber mixing with a light straw – the whisky looks so vibrant, alive and inviting.”

Finally, Klaverstijn commented: “You get depth, richness and lingering spice from the cask, then there’s a tropical grilled pineapple influence – it’s just perfect.”

11 August 2022 - Bradley Weir