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The Bloomsbury Club announces new blueprint for UK distribution

The Bloomsbury Club UK has announced that it's set to evolve into a new blueprint for drinks distribution in the UK. This will allegedly enable brand owners access to the market directly and retain control of their products, while also earning a greater margin from its sales.

Original founder Carl Stephenson has partnered with new CEO Mike Beavan to launch the new model which will begin trading with six new partnership brands beginning today.

The six new brands include Copper Rivet Distillery’s Dockyard Gin, Vela Vodka and Son of a Gin, The Brixton Distillery’s Market Row Botanical Rum, HeavenSake, Mezcal Xamán, Blackwell Rum and 007 Edition and Laiba Cocktails.

The service provided by Bloomsbury Club UK is said to be supplier first, with an emphasis on giving the distributor margin back to the brand owners. It will be positioned as a one-stop-shop for drinks trade buyers for brands with credible histories.

Stephenson said on the launch: “We are passionate about the benefits this new distribution model approach will bring. Essentially, it is a collective approach whereby we harness the portfolio of brands into a strong economic offering. Bloomsbury gives brands the opportunity to deal directly with the trade via our channel specialist sales team and importantly, retaining their margin for their own allocation choices. Most importantly we are passionate to work with like-minded brand owners and look forward to sharing their journey with them."

5 September 2022 - Bradley Weir