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Glenfiddich launching first in-person pop-up experience in airports

To mark the launch of its new Perpetual Collection exclusive to Global Travel Retail, Glenfiddich is launching its first in-person experience at airports around the world.

The pop-up experience will be live at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport throughout October, as well as Singapore’s Changi Airport. The experience will head to Miami’s International Airport on 8 December through to the early new year.

The Perpetual Collection is a range of four whiskies, within vats that have never been emptied. The four expressions are titled Vat 01, Vat 02, Vat 03, and Vat 04, with the first having the weakest ABV (40%) and Vat 03 having the strongest (50.2%).  The tasting notes written by the producer vary from expression to expression, with spicy notes on the palate, as well as fruitiness, the most commonly identified flavours across the board.

The solera vat process, which has been used in the Perpetual Collection, is said to add continuous layers of flavours to the whisky by only bottling half the whisky in the vats before refilling. 

Lindsay Hitzeroth, head of customer marketing, global travel retail, at William Grant & Sons, said on the launch: “The time spent oat the airport is that exciting moment where the adventure starts; and so, we wanted to give those flying something special to enhance their experience and remind them of their travels. The perpetual collection offers travellers a unique moment of enjoyment to capture their life that never stands still.”

The collection is already available in European travel retail, with a full global roll-out to be completed by October. The RRP for each expression varies, ranging from £47 for Vat 2 (1L) and £90 for Vat 4 (70cl). Full details can be found here.

7 September 2022 - Bradley Weir