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John Distilleries ventures into gin market with Malhar

John Distilleries Pvt Ltd is venturing into the gin category with the release of Malhar, a premium Indian Craft Gin bottled at 43% ABV.


Adding to its portfolios of wines and whisky, the launch of Malhar is said to fit the distillery’s vision of putting the Indian Gin market on the global map.


Its name is said to come from the allure of Indian monsoons and dedicated to India’s soulful ragas. Curated from botanicals and Indian spices, there will be two flavour profiles for customers to choose from – Classic Dry Gin and Citrus Gin.


Malhar Classic Dry has been described as having aromas of rich herbs, florals and peppery spice, with floral notes on the palate. Citrus Gin, meanwhile, has more fruity aromas of lime, orange and lemon peel, with notes of zesty spice on the palate.


Chairman Paul P. John commented: “We are always closely attuned to the demands and needs of the consumer, and understanding the requirement for a premium quality gin, we set out to dedicate our resources and passion to create a brilliantly handcrafted gin from Indian botanicals and spices. Being the makers of award-winning single malts, we believe in the value of premium quality above and beyond anything else”


Malhar Indian Craft Gin will be available across India from October, with a planned venture into the US, UK, European and Australian markets. 

19 October 2022 - Bradley Weir