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Dictador launches second edition of Totem collection

Following the successful launch of the first edition of the TOTEM collection, Dictador is set to launch its second, Mopa Mopa. 

The limited-edition collection is said to be a demonstration og artistry, technique and devotion to the development of collectable rum bottles. Each of the 360 bottles available have been hand-decorated by Colombian artists. 

The inspiration for the bottles comes from the tradition of using Mopa Mopa, a native South American phenolic resin, used for centuries in Colombia to decorate ceremonial drinking cups.

The artistry behind creating the bottles is said to be intricate and time-consuming, hence the limited numbers, as an automated mass production is not possible. 

Dictador allegedly owns the world’s largest stock of aged rum, up to 45 years old, with distribution to more than 80 countries around the world.

The limited edition bottles are now available for sale on Dictador’s online store, with prices ranging between €3,600-4,800. 

Dictador also released a YouTube video to show off the production process of the collection, which can be viewed here.

27 October 2022 - Bradley Weir