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Rémy Cointreau launches One Bottle For Eternity project

After several years of work and research, the Rémy Cointreau Group has committed to increasing the circulation if its bottles with the #OneBottleForEternity project.

The objective of the campaign is to consistently reuse the same glass bottles, reducing emissions associated with glass production.

Three pilots are to be launched and conducted by its brands, each exploring a different circulation format. They include:

-        The Mount Gay brand testing a deposit system in its island of production, Barbados. It includes the collection of empty glass bottles which are then cleaned and refilled. An estimated 60% of CO2 is expected to be saved per bottle.

-        The Cointreau and Mount Gay brands are partnering with ecoSPIRITS in the UK to promote greater on-trade circulation. A 4.5 litre ecoTOTES will be deployed in various bars, restaurants and hotels across London, which will be cleaned and refilled locally. 

-        Louis XIII The Infinity Wheel is now offering the opportunity to refill its decanter an infinite amount of times in Louis XIII boutiques. 

Rémy Cointreau’s Chief Executive Officer, Eric Vallat, said: “Group’s objective is clear: we want to reduce our carbon emissions per bottle from 2kg to 1kg by 2030. In order to achieve this, rethinking our glass bottles through an active eco-design approach and increasing their circularity in different formats are key levers. These circular initiatives mark the beginning of a collective journey, undertaken hand-in-hand with our stakeholders, from our glassmakers to our clients!”

21 December 2022 - Bradley Weir