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Scottish Government’s alcohol marketing consultation

A 9 March deadline has been set for submissions on the Scottish Government’s alcohol marketing consultation and we are encouraging all in the drinks industry to register their views.

Attempts are being made to ban alcohol marketing throughout Scotland, a nation whose greatest export is Scotch whisky, as the Scottish Government claims the regulations will reduce the appeal of alcohol in its younger population. Outlined plans can be found at

The Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership have created resources to help individuals and businesses to respond, which is available at The guide includes counter points to many of the Scottish Government’s claims, including the statistical evidence that alcohol consumption for children aged 13-15 has decreased by 58% since 2004. The simple guide also outlines the consultation and other key industry positions.

The alcohol industry in Scotland is crucial, both socially and economically, and plays an enormous part in the country’s success in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Many jobs, communities and organisations in Scotland will be directly impacted by the proposals, according to the Scottish Alcohol Industry Partnership.

With the 9 March deadline fast approaching, we must stress the urgency of registering your views. All those involved in the drinks industry can do so at or email

1 March 2023 -