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Beck's launches AI generated beer and multi-platform campaign

In celebration of Beck’s 150-year milestone, the brewery has produced the world’s first beer and full marketing campaign made with AI: Beck’s Autonomous. It marks one of the first completely machine-created beers in the world.

The brand used Chat GPT and Midjourney to design the beer, branding and marketing, requesting the technology led all editing and continued development based on its intelligence until a final version was completed.

The AI has created the product which can be tasted, touched, smelled and held. Only 450 bottles of the Autonomous limited edition beers will released, in markets across Germany, Italy and the UK.

Following the naming of the beer, the technology also created a custom logo and designed a container, while preparing assets for its campaign. The result was a 360 video of he newly developed Beck’s Autonomous.

Laura Salway, Marketing Director at Becks, says: “After being at the forefront of the brewing world for 150 years, this represents the next step in our journey. It’s been fascinating to see Beck’s Autonomous come to life and how we can continue to embrace new technology in the industry and across brand communications. 

“At Beck’s we know it takes the passion of our brewers and people to make this beer that is enjoyed over the world, and we believe the multi-channel campaign for the revolutionary beer still connects with people on a human-level, despite being created and led by AI. We hope beer fans across Europe snap up and enjoy Autonomous as a truly revolutionary drink.”

17 April 2023 - Bradley Weir