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Emma and Alex Watson’s Renais launching this summer

Renais has announced its launch in the UK this summer, bringing the taste of the Chablis wine region through a luxurious modern gin.

The gin is made with a base spirit crafted from grapes salvaged from the winemaking process, with additional pressed Grand Cru grapes, local terroir and more natural botanicals.

Renais is the result of two generations of the Watson family and their passion for winemaking in Chablis. Founders Alex and Emma Watson were inspired by childhood trips to the family’s vineyard in Chablis, Domaine Watson, operated by their father for more than 30 years. Alex Watson spent almost a decade working with luxury spirit brands, upon realising his affinity for the drinks and hospitality industries.

Alex Watson commented on the launch: “I wanted to do something that no-one had ever done: to capture the essence of a specific terroir, the uniqueness of Chablis, by drawing on the traditions, techniques and ingredients from the land, and embodying those characteristics in a gin. Renais is our family’s love letter to Chablis, taking inspiration from the heritage of the region but combining it with an innovative and forward-thinking, yet sustainable approach to spirit making.”

Emma Watson added: To me, Renais is a family project – not only does the Chablis region evoke very special memories of growing up, I’ve loved having the opportunity to create something with my brother Alex. I’m particularly proud of upcycling grapes from vineyard (including my dad’s) to reduce waste and create something new, being one of the only gins on the market using mushroom packaging, and our carbon neutral product status. We will continue to challenge ourselves as much as possible here because this is such a passion of mine.”

The brand is releasing an exclusive special expression this month with no more than 4,000 bottles available. The subsequent batch will then release in June at an RRP of £45 for a 70cl 40% bottle. Its presented in a bottle evocative of luxury perfume brands with touches of gold.

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3 May 2023 - Bradley Weir