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Bladnoch Distillery launches the Dragon Series

Scotch whisky distillery Bladnoch have unveiled their latest release: The Dragon Series. The series is a collection of five single malt whiskies that celebrate the unpredictability of the whisky making process, with each iteration capturing a different moment.

The series is said to take inspiration from the Dragon Curve, a fractional curve in mathematics which showcases the battle between science and nature.

The five iterations are as followed:

·       First iteration: The Field (Field to Distillery) – Bottled at 46.7% and matured in refill bourbon casks

·       Second iteration: The Spirit (Malt to Spirit) – Bottled at 48.3% ABV and matured in oak casks

·       Third iteration: The Casks (Tree to Cask) – Bottled at 49.9% ABV and combines first fill American Oak bourbon casks with first fill Spanish oak sherry casks

·       Fourth iteration: The Ageing (New to Mature) – Bottled at 51.1% ABV and matured in red wine hogshead and first fill bourbon casks

·       Fifth iteration: The Decision (Complexity to Simplicity) – Bottled at 53.1% ABV and blends Hungarian Tokaji wine casks and Spanish Canasta sherry casks

Bladnoch’s master distiller Dr. Nick Savage commented: “The Dragon Curve demonstrates the science versus nature of predictability, chaos, natural order, and beauty. The building of The Dragon Series whiskies really brought this to life in the sample room. We have attempted to demonstrate the resultant beauty that occurs from the natural unpredictability inherent within our whisky making process, which we endeavour to control over the decades. 

“These five expressions of the Dragon Series have evolved to really capture the essence of each iteration of our process. It will be fascinating to hear everyone’s personal interpretation and appreciation for our whisky making. The DragonSeries also gives us great confidence and excitement upon which to build and bring to life more concepts with Bladnoch in the future”.

The Dragon Series will be available to buy online via Bladnoch’s website and in their visitor centre located in Dumfries and Galloway, as well as sold globally through the brand’s network of distributors. It is priced at £110 per bottle, or £550 for the entire collection.

11 May 2023 - Bradley Weir