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SPHYNX Tequila launches

SPHYNX Tequila has become the first Tequila brand owned by an English couple of Indian heritage. The brand has been founded by former Big Brother contestants Sukhvinder and Imran Javeed, who embarked on a decade-long journey which included immersing themselves in  Tequila production in Mexico. 

The debuting range includes four expressions, including Blanco Tequila, Añejo Tequila, Añejo Cristalino and Extra Aged Añejo Black Oak. All Tequilas in the range are made with 100% Blue Wever Agave containing zero additives, and each is hand-crafted.

"We assure you that you will never drink tequila with salt and lime again," says Sukhvinder Javeed. “SPHYNX Tequila embraces the natural flavours of the finest agave, grown for a minimum of seven years. We chose to age our tequila in various French oak barrels that allowed us to create custom profiles just for SPHYNX Tequila giving our drinkers a unique smooth flavour that allows you to simply pour it over ice, sip and enjoy.

"We wanted our tequila profiles to reach you in an iconic decanter that reflects our dedication to craftsmanship. Our decanter represents the essence of the Sphynx itself—a talking point for any occasion."

The range uses custom wine and sherry barrels for ageing, with each bottle presented in a SPHYNX decanter made from 100% recycled glass.

The new expressions are available to purchase directly from the brand’s website and Master of Malt, starting from £70 for 70cl for their SPHYNX Tequila Blanco.

15 June 2023 - Bradley Weir