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Glencairn Crystal challenges industry with campaign

Scottish brand Glencairn Crystal is challenging whisky companies and distilleries to think about the glassware they use to serve their whisky in and the role it plays in enhancing consumers’ experience with a new campaign.

The business-to-business campaign will pose the question: you wouldn’t serve a gourmet meal on a paper plate so why would you serve your whisky in poor quality glassware? And will feature the strapline ‘Don’t destroy your brand – your whisky deserves better.’

The campaign will launch this month and run in print media across drink trade publications and digitally across social media platforms and their own website.

Two videos are incorporated in the digital campaign. The first highlights the importance of serving whisky in a quality glass to enhance customer experience, and the other tells the story of the Glencairn glass design and curation.

New product development director Scott Davidson commented: “Here at Glencairn Crystal we’ve worked with the finest whisky names in the business over the last four decades. We understand that, when it comes to making quality whisky, the process involves the best ingredients distilled with skill, matured for many years and presented in premium packaging. So, it only makes sense to serve it in a glass that reflects all that care and attention - which is exactly why we created the Glencairn Glass over 20 years ago.

“Our new ‘Don’t destroy your brand’ campaign aims to highlight the importance of how you present your whisky and act as a reminder to brands that every touch point of their whisky creation and presentation is crucial to retain brand and product equity.”

21 June 2023 - Bradley Weir