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Bladnoch Distillery unveils Samhla Collection

Bladnoch Distillery has announced the launch of its new ultra-rare collection of whiskies: The Samhla Collection. 

Derived from the Scots Gaelic word meaning symbol or likeness, Samhla is a collection of rare single malt whiskies representing three generations of Bladnoch’s history with vintages from 1966, 1990 and 2008. 

There are only a very limited number available. The McClelland, distilled in 1966, is limited to just 15 bottles. The Prior, distilled in 1990, is limited to 50 bottles. Finally, The Sage, distilled in 2008, is limited to 100 bottles.

David Prior, owner of Bladnoch, commented on the release: "To preserve and nurture Bladnoch's heritage is a profound honour, it symbolises the preservation of a legacy that has weathered the test of time. The Samhla Collection stands as a tribute to the remarkable journey Bladnoch has undertaken. It is a privilege to ensure its continued existence, and to carry the torch of tradition, innovation, and excellence for generations yet to come.”

The McClelland stands as the oldest release ever from Bladnoch, matured in American Oak cask. The 1990 Prior release is drawn from Spanish oak casks and is said to represent the brand’s present day standing. The Sage looks to the future and was distilled in 2008, the year of Prior’s daughter Sage’s birth.

Dr. Nick Savage, Bladnoch’s master distiller, added: “The Samhla Collection brings to mind two quotes that truly capture its essence. “Isaac Newton's words, 'If I have seen further, it is only because I stand upon the shoulders of giants,' encompasses the respect we have for our inheritance and the continuation of the story. And when we consider the future and how we hand down our legacy, the famous quote, 'The true meaning of life is to plant trees, the shade of which we will never sit,' perfectly captures the reason we make our whiskies at Bladnoch by protecting and nurturing our whiskies during our custodianship."

7 July 2023 - Bradley Weir