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New American gin brand launches

A new American gin, Four Corners, has launched this month, using botanicals sourced right across the United States and representing different regions. 

Among the botanicals used include: juniper, picked in central and eastern Oregon; Cranberry, picked in Maine,; Wild Cherry Bark; Cascara Sagrada and Yerba Santa.

The producers have described the expression as having floral aromas with citrus notes, with a light and sweet palate with notes of wet spring leaves and citrus. The finish is described as fresh and herbaceous.

Four Corners marketing director Gary McLoughlin commented on the launch: “We always believed that gin should have a real sense of place. Traditional gin uses botanicals imported from far off places. We felt that everything needed to make the best gin in the world was growing all around us, right across America.”

The distilling team of Four Corners had previously made Glendalough Wild Botanical Gin and asked American gin distiller Christian Krogstad to create a vision of a true American gin. Krogstad previously worked on brands including Aviation gin and Westward whiskey.

Krogstad added: “When the guys approached me about making an all American Gin, I assumed we would still use European (Adriatic) juniper, like most other gins out there. But when they emphasised the need to only use American botanicals, I threw out the traditional gin playbook and got working on creating an American Gin with its own unique palate. What we have created is nothing like a typical London Dry gin, this is an all American gin that uses wildcrafted herbs from right across the United States.”

11 July 2023 - Bradley Weir