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Absolut Vodka unveils limited-edition China-inspired bottle

Absolut Vodka and leading British designer and artist Dr. Samuel Ross have unveiled a limited-edition bottle for the Chinese market in a collaboration to celebrate mixing cultures.

The collaborative project, Absolut x SR_A, is deeply rooted in the concept of the mixing of people and culture. Dr. Ross is a growing name in China’s creative fashion scene, following the opening of his A-Cold-Wall menswear stores in Beijing and Shanghai in 2022.

For the limited-edition, for which there are just 1,350 bottles available, Dr. Ross adopts Absolut’s ideas of Born to Mix and cultural integration to create a fusion of his signature avant-garde vision and Chinese culture on Absolut’s bottle. The bottle design includes a heatmap of China’s largest cities, with the dots and silhouettes in China’s iconic red colour. 

Dr. Ross commented on the collaboration: "I have always respected and loved Absolut's viewpoint and how the brand conveys a unique message. In terms of colour, typography and bottle design, it is formidable. There is also an intensity and richness and joy for the brand to unlock. An opportunity to add layers to the strong identity, to tell a different story – without changing it, providing a new window to the brand for every demographic."

Tad Greenough, Absolut’s global chief creative officer, added: “We want to champion the coming together of different cultures in cities that harbour inclusion and diversity. We believe that when we mix we create better together and we’ve been partnering with artists and creative communities for 40 years to bring this message to the forefront. It was natural for us to work with Samuel Ross in a collaboration that brings together his industrial, London-inspired aesthetic to a Chinese context.” 

The 1L limited-edition bottles are now available through the brand’s WeChat mini-program, Absolut Lab.

1 August 2023 - Bradley Weir