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Maison Villevert mobilising partners to raise funds for Wine to Water campaign

Beginning from 15 September through to 15 October, Maison Villevert is mobilising global partners across 20 countries to raise funds for Wine to Water. 

The aim of the campaign is to mobilize the world of bar and mixology to raise money via tip donations, public donations and an auction of a captured moment of mixology history, to provide clean water to populations that don’t have it.

100% of the proceeds raises by the charity project will be donated to Wine to Water, which was founded by Doc Hendley, an ex-bartender, in 2007. The funds will be used to implement various clean water projects, which include digging and repairing wells, supplying areas with filtration systems and storage containers, and educating locals on how to maintain fresh water supplies.

The idea for the fundraising project was initiated by Maison Villevert CEO and founder Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, who wished to pay tribute to the late Gary Regan as one of the world’s leaders in mixology and cocktail culture.

Commenting on the project, Robicquet said: "Maison Villevert has initiated this fundraising to uphold two strong beliefs: Firstly, water is an integral part of the life of every single person on the planet and we should be entitled access to clean water. Secondly the legacy of pioneer Gary Regan should be upheld and continued. The two beliefs combined will bring a powerful message to an industry focused on the importance and perpetuation of water, in its many forms"

More information on how to donate can be found here.

6 October 2023 - Bradley Weir