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RD1 Spirits reveal plans for $4.8 million brand destination

Image: The groundbreaking event at The Commons, 10 January 2024. From left to right: Daren Turner, CEO of The Commons; Mark Stoops, RD1 shareholder and advisor; Chris Tetterton, chief customer experience officer of RD1; Mike Tetterton, CEO of RD1; Marsha Couch, chief financial officer of RD1; Raj Patel, RD1 shareholder and advisor; Barry Brinegar, co-founder and national brand ambassador of RD1.

Kentucky Straight Bourbon brand RD1 Spirits has revealed plans for its $4.8 million brand destination, RD1 Distillery at The Commons in Lexington, Kentucky. At 10,215 square feet, the new destination will double the size of the brand’s existing tasting room and gift shop.

Mark Stoops, RD1 shareholder and advisor, and Lexington business leader comments: “As one of the newest brands added to the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, RD1 Distillery at The Commons will help boost hometown pride and contribute to the vibrant, winning atmosphere of our community.”

The new distillery will offer customised experiences for guests to try RD1’s bourbon. Among other attractions, RD1 Distillery at The Commons also offers an interactive experience of the Lexington’s bourbon history, a fermentation-to-distillation tour and a VIP speakeasy tasting bar.

CEO of RD1 Mike Tetterton adds: “We want RD1 Distillery at The Commons to serve as a cornerstone of education, exploration, and entertainment in Lexington.

“As a brand founded by Lexington entrepreneurs, we are motivated by the bourbon giants of our past and look to honor them with bourbon growth right here in our hometown.”

RD1 Distillery at The Commons will be home to an 800-gallon pot still, a 175-gallon pot still, a 750-gallon fermenter, and a 1000-gallon mash cooker. It expects to produce one barrel per week solely for research and development. RD1 will continue to produce its Kentucky Straight Bourbon at Western Kentucky Distilling in Beaver Dam, Kentucky.

RD1 Distillery at The Commons is expected to open in August 2024.

23 January 2024 - Lucy Schofield