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Vermouth cask-finished whisky launched by Bodegas Jamie

Spanish winery Bodegas Jaime has launched Bellos, a vermouth cask-refined and finished whisky. Bodegas Jamie is the parent company of Turmeon, its vermouth brand.
Bellos single malt whisky has been aged for three years in white oak barrels, before refinement and finishing in ex-Turmeon vermouth casks.
Turmeon manager Martín Jaime shared: “Turmeon’s innovative spirit permeates every drop of this whisky. Thanks to the experience and know-how acquired with our vermouths, we have been able to bring creativity to the world of whisky, refining and finishing it in casks that previously contained our flagship vermouth and giving it, therefore, an inimitable character. 
“For our family winery, this new product means taking our tradition of quality and passion to new frontiers, and it fills us with pride to see how all our creations gain recognition and appreciation at an international level.” 
The whisky’s name, Bellos, references the Belli, an ancient Celtiberian tribe who lived in the Zaragoza province where Bodegas Jaime’s winery now resides. Jaime acknowledged the connection: “The ageing process in vermouth casks symbolises the meeting point of these two legacies: the Celtic tradition of whisky and the distinctive character of Spanish vermouth.”
Bellos will be released in an initial run of 700 bottles, with further bottlings expected from the brand in small quantities to “preserve the quality and personality that characterise Bellos.”

13 February 2024 - Lucy Schofield