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Holyrood Distillery adds sherry cask edition to rum range

Edinburgh’s Holyrood Distillery has released a sherry cask edition of its Elizabeth Yard rum. The expression is a blend of rums sourced from three independent distilleries around the world and finished in Edinburgh.
Holyrood Distillery aims to source rum only from producers who use 100 per cent locally grown sugarcane. For the sherry cask edition, rums were sourced from the Philippines, Ghana, and Vietnam.
Calum Rae, distillery manager, said: “Our sherry cask edition rum offers a more accessible option for people wanting to explore premium rum. With notes of foamy bananas, raisins, and red fruits, this liquid is perfect sipped neat, and stands out like an island in the storm when mixed into a cocktail.”
The bottle and packaging of the Elizabeth Yard range are inspired by the history of the Royal Elizabeth Yard and nearby naval bases. The pattern is inspired by the ‘dazzle design’, which was originally created for naval ships as camouflage. 
Elizabeth Yard Sherry Cask Rum is available now via

14 February 2024 - Lucy Schofield