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The Single Cask opens recruitment for ‘taste masters’

Whisky bottler the Single Cask has begun recruitment for its first ever panel of ‘taste masters’. The panel of whisky professionals will help throughout the whisky creation and selection process as the liquids are nosed, tasted, and bottled. Successful applicants will work closely with the in-house team based at the Glenrothes warehouse, who are custodians of more than 3000 casks of whisky.
The Single Cask is looking for whisky lovers with tasting experience and lots of personality, charisma, and creativity. Crucially, applicants must be able to draw from personal experience and emotions when writing tasting notes about the bottler’s single cask whisky.
Applications are open from 27 February, selected in celebration of International No Brainer Day, a day dedicated to simple decisions. The position is initially part time and flexible, but expected to develop along with the business.
Jan Damen, general manager at the Single Cask, said: “We only bottle exciting and entertaining whiskies worth talking about, and believe drinking single cask whisky to be an incredible experience. A rollercoaster that is never repeated. We want our first-ever ‘taste master’ panel to understand the beauty and emotional power of single cask whisky and help more whisky fans come with us on this extraordinary journey.
“Our dream candidate will need charisma, creativity and a thrill for not only whisky, but a thrill for life. It’s such an exciting time to work for the Single Cask, and it’s always an exciting time to work in whisky. Applying for this role truly is a no brainer!”

28 February 2024 - Lucy Schofield