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Rémy Martin celebrates 300th anniversary

The House of Rémy Martin celebrates its 300th anniversary this year. The Cognac brand, which was founded in 1724, has planned a year of celebrations on the theme ‘We Dream Forward’.
Released this year as a tribute to its history, Rémy Martin has announced the 300th Anniversary Coupe. Created by cellar master Baptise Loiseau, the special edition draws from the Rémy Martin “Réserve Perpétuelle” of eaux-de-vie exclusively from the Grande Champagne terroir.
Loiseau commented: “The perpetual reserve is as much a process as a legacy. When a new blend is created, part of it is set aside for future cellar masters. In turn, they will use it for the next Anniversary Coupe. To create the 300th Anniversary Coupe, I have come to enrich this blend with the treasures of our cellars and Grande Champagne terroir, which will be the legacy I leave to the next generation. By reserving some eaux-de-vie from this precious Coupe 300th Anniversary, the story will continue for future generations.” 
The 300th Anniversary Coupe has an embossed glass carafe and bespoke wooden case. It has been given a limited release of 6,724 bottles worldwide. 
Also marking the tricentenary is the reopening of the historical house of Rémy Martin this spring. The house will invite visitors into the history of the brand.
Further celebrations across the world include airport installations with the virtual reality Rémy Martin Dream Forward Expedition, in which participants will explore the vineyards of Rémy Martin. Celebrations will also be held in select nightclubs via the Centaur Birthday Tour.
Also held this year will be the Rémy Martin Bartender Talent Academy competition — the global finals for which will be held in France in September. 
Reflecting on the past and future of Rémy Martin, Marie-Amélie de Leusse, chairwoman of the Rémy Cointreau Group, said: “For 300 years, the House of Rémy Martin has shared its knowledge and expertise from one generation to the next. Today, this extends beyond the legacy of the family, and we work as a team with all stakeholders of Rémy Martin to reach sustainable excellence together. We have all inherited a responsibility to protect our soils for the future generations. 
“By partnering with winegrowers from Grande and Petite Champagne, by mentoring new talents all over the world, we strive to perpetuate this family legacy for another 300 years.” 

6 March 2024 - Lucy Schofield