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Moët Hennessy presents Senses of Hennessy in travel retail

Moët Hennessy Travel Retail has launched its “sensory expedition” at airports in Macau and Singapore airports. Senses of Hennessy allows visits to find their ‘Cognac match’ by exploring the brand through the five senses. 
The experience originally launched at the Paris Charles de Gaulle airport in May 2022. The newest iteration in Macau and Singapore presents Hennessy VSOP, James Hennessy, Hennessy XO, Hennessy XXO, and Hennessy Paradis to travellers. 
The travel retail installation aims to “establish an emotional connection with Hennessy, shattering perceived barriers and offering a nuanced understanding of the diverse Hennessy cognacs.”
The experience guides newcomers and existing Cognac enthusiasts through the Hennessy offering, exploring the range and ending by transferring to online retail.

7 March 2024 - Lucy Schofield