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Barrell Craft Spirits launches in UK

Kentucky-based blending house Barrell Craft Spirits (BCS) has announced the launch of its portfolio in the UK. The brand has partnered with Axiom Spirits as its distributor for on- and off-trade.
BCS has an extensive stock of casked spirits, from which it selects and blends its products. In doing so, the brand explores different influences on its spirits such as distillation method, barrel, and ageing environment.
BCS founder Joe Beatrice commented “We’re excited to partner with Axiom Brands — an independent company like Barrell Craft Spirits, which is both passionate about and deeply immersed in the UK drinks market. We’re thrilled to have pioneered the movement to elevate the art of blending in the United States. The UK is a crucial distilled spirits market as we look to expand our distribution abroad.”
Ian Bayliss, co-founder of Axiom Brands, added: “We have a long-standing history in our team with the American whiskey category. We are thrilled to welcome the most exciting new American whisky brand to come out of the US right now into the Axiom portfolio and begin the journey of establishing Barrell Craft Spirits on all the best back bars and retail shelves across the UK for consumers and trade to explore.”
BCS also distributes its products in 49 US states, Canada, and Australia. 

11 March 2024 - Lucy Schofield