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Shanky’s Whip launches campaign around St Patrick’s Day

Irish whiskey liqueur brand Shanky’s Whip has launched a global campaign for the month of March, centring on St Patrick’s Day (Sunday 17 March).
The comprehensive campaign spans on- and off-trade, and encourages consumers to celebrate ‘Shank Patrick’s Day’. For hospitality, the brand is offering its ‘little drinks’ as menu items, as well as providing branded merchandise. In retail, Shanky’s Whip has launched a gift pack and in-store point-of-sale materials, and will also host samplings in Costco stores.
On social media, Shanky’s Whip is promoting its own version of ‘I’m a Little Teapot’, titled ‘I’m a Little Shanky’s, Short and Stout’. Aimed at garnering influencer engagement, the song encourages consumers to try a Short and Stout combination with one of the ‘little drinks’ from its suggested serves. 
The brand has also partnered with Birmingham’s St Patrick’s Day parade, with presence at events across the city this week ahead of the parade on Sunday. The brand has also partnered with artist Panda for a mural to raise brand awareness in Birmingham (pictured).
Tim Dunlop, European commercial director of Shanky’s Whip, said: “Our goal is to bring people together to have a happy Shank Patrick’s Day with Shanky’s Whip as the drink of choice… The St Patrick’s Day activity forms part of a significant investment for Shanky’s Whip, which saw the roll out of new bottle sizes last year, followed by the brand’s very first TV advertising campaign, encouraging viewers to ‘give it a try’. 
“The adverts, coupled with our Shank Patrick’s Day activations this month, are set to boost awareness for Shanky’s Whip, encourage trial and experimentation and place the drink at the heart of celebrations.”

12 March 2024 - Lucy Schofield