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Australian sustainable wine brand arrives at Waitrose

Tread Softly, the brand from Australian winemakers Fourth Wave Wine, has arrived in the UK via Waitrose. 

Made with techniques to minimise environmental impact, Tread Softly is certified by Sustainable Winegrowing Australia. The brand has partnered with Carbon Neutral in Australia to plan a tree for every case it sells in the ‘Tread Softly Forest’. 
Bringing its ethos to the UK as well as its wine, Tread Softly has also partnered with Rewilding Britain.
Tread Softly Rosé 2023 is now available in Waitrose stores. The brand describes the wine as having red fruit, floral, and citrus notes. Tread Softly Rosé has a lower ABV of 9.9%.
Also now available in the UK is the Tread Softly range of 0% ABV wines. Tread Softly has partnered with importer and distributor Zero Zilch Zip to sell its Everything Except range. 
Nicholas Crampton, director of Fourth Wave Wine, commented: “We are thrilled to bring our leading sustainable moderate & 0% wines to the UK market. We really believe the trend towards lighter and sustainable wines is not fleeting.
“Tread Softly is Australia’s leading sustainable wine brand for good reason and is driven by solid consumer demand for better-for-you options and environmental considerations. Tread Softly goes beyond the product, it supports a cause larger than itself and aims to connect with an ever-evolving-evolving community to be and do better.”

15 March 2024 - Lucy Schofield