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“Major brand refresh” by Britain’s oldest lager brewery

The Wrexham Lager Beer Co has revealed a “major” refresh across its range.
The brewery, which claims the title of the oldest lager brewery in Great Britain, is seeking to build on increased awareness of Wrexham. The Welsh town has become well-known worldwide in the last few years since the arrival of football documentary Welcome to Wrexham on Disney’s streaming service Disney+.
The rebrand aimed to modernise and simplify Wrexham Lager’s look and marketing. In a comprehensive redesign, the logo, colour palette photography, and marketing touchpoints have all updated. 
Aware of importance of country of origin for consumers, Wrexham Lager has retained its Welsh dragon iconography, and added dragon embossing to its packaging to “reaffirm a sense of provenance”. 
Wrexham Lager recently appointed James Wright, former managing director of Aber Falls, as its new CEO. 
He said: “This is a major step in the brand’s next phase of growth and businesses development, and we believe it will have a significant impact across our current and prospective routes to market. We’re creating a consistent brand which we can build on across all territories around the world, utilising our fantastic history. 
“The lager market in the UK is dominated by international beers, particularly European, and as a proudly Welsh lager produced by the oldest brewery in the UK, we believe the quality of our products and new identity can help to strengthen the UK’s offering... We’re here to standout in the category and we’re now in a fantastic position to do so.”

18 March 2024 - Lucy Schofield