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Beam Suntory continues commitment to peatland restoration

Image: Andrew McBride, Land & Habitats Consultancy, in Aberdeenshire on Beam Suntory’s peat restoration education and awareness day
Premium spirits company Beam Suntory has initiated a new £100,000 project in partnership with Northern Peat & Moss to restore peatland on Craigculter moss in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. 
The project marks the company’s third major endeavour under its Peatland Water Sanctuary programme, a joint investment of over US$4 million with parent company, Suntory Holdings, aimed at conserving and restoring peatlands.
Alistair Longwell, head of distillation & environment at the company, highlighted the significance of the project, emphasising the company’s commitment to restoring Scotland’s peatlands, with “206 hectares restored and 435 hectares in planning stages…we can push the boundaries of restoration and show that even historically degraded land can be replenished to a thriving natural habitat.”
Through innovative techniques, the partnership aims to enhance biodiversity, improve resilience to climate change, and re-establish nature-supporting habitats. The restoration efforts encompass activities such as replenishing degraded peat below the standard threshold level and reintroducing wetlands on bare substrate.
Alongside benefiting the local environment, the endeavour is expected to aid in carbon sequestration, water retention, and distribution, thereby mitigating erosion and reducing future risk of flooding. If successful, the resulting changes will also foster the restoration of biodiversity and wildlife in the area.
Harumichi Seta, general manager of the sustainability management division at Suntory Holdings, reaffirmed the company’s continued dedication to protecting natural wetlands: “We are steadfast in our long-term restoration targets and hope to bring many more partners on the journey with us, to maximise our collective positive impact on nature and society.”
The initiative not only demonstrates the company’s environmental stewardship but also sets a precedent for future collaborative efforts in peatland conservation, showcasing the potential for rejuvenating these degraded ecosystems and nurturing sustainable practices within the industry.

27 March 2024 - Doug Houlder