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Magna Carta Gin pays homage to historic home

Launched in 2023 by Kirsty and Eamonn Leacy, Magna Carta Gin was inspired by the couple’s Surrey home and nearby Runnymede, where the Magna Carta was established. 
Founded 808 years on from the ‘Great Charter of Liberty’, Magna Carta Gin honours the medieval history of its namesake. The small-batch spirit is inspired by medieval flavours alongside well-established distilling techniques. 
The “subtle but distinctive” flavour profile of the Magna Carta Gin uses botanicals including fennel, coriander, hibiscus, anise, orris root, and juniper. The brand says its inspiration came from both historic flavours close to its Surrey home and those from “the world beyond our shores”, representing the international influence of the Magna Carta. Enshrining the rights of ‘free men’ in law in 1215 under the eye of King John, the Magna Carta would later serve as inspiration for future charters of rights, including the United States Bill of Rights of 1791.
The gin’s historic inspiration is also modelled in its presentation, which Leacys describe as having “the look and feel of a precious artefact that’s been passed down from generation to generation.” Bottled in a “nostalgic” ceramic flacon, the branding uses a classic medieval typography alongside the shields of the barons who gathered to challenge King John to establish the rights charter. The brand is also developing plans for refill pouches, to enhance its product’s sustainability and adaptability.
Eamonn Leacy, co-founder, commented: “Our decision to select this bottle for the Magna Carta brand was instinctive; its design resonates deeply with the label inspired by the iconic 25 barons. Crafting a liquid product with our award-winning master distiller that balances smoothness and subtle flavours was paramount to us, ensuring a distinct identity both in taste and presentation. Initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and we're excited to expand our reach through the trade channels, inviting more enthusiasts to savour the unique experience of Magna Carta Gin.”
Magna Carta Gin is available via and select retailers and venues. The brand is now looking to widen its distribution network.

28 March 2024 - Lucy Schofield


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