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Zacal Mezcal launches with two expressions

New brand Zacal Mezcal is launching this month in the UK with two expressions. The Ensamble and Manso Sahauyo mezcals are made in Michoacán, Mexico.
The brand was founded by a group of four friends, who have partnered with third-generation mezcalero Milton Ochoa. The spirit is hand-distilled in Michaocán and roasted using a chimney to draw away excess smoke, reducing the smokiness of the mezcal to allow other flavours to prominence. 
Co-founder Phil Clayton commented: “We are all incredibly passionate about mezcal and wanted to bring a fresh take on the spirit that respects provenance and process, but also delivers a twist on the familiar. Known as the soul of Mexico, Michoacán is wilder and less gentrified than Oaxaca with a deep cultural heritage and it was this untamed spirit that drew us to the region. 
“Michoacán’s distinctive terroir yields the two unique agave species used in our mezcals. The volcanic soil and rocks surrounding the Vinata infuse the agave with elevated nutrients, particularly potassium, intensifying the sweetness and flavour complexity. As the spirit less ordinary, Zacal invites drinkers to discover Michoacán’s essence, one sip at a time and we can promise a completely unique experience for agave fans.”
Zacal will be available for the on and off-trade as well as direct to consumer. The brand have also emphasised their environmental commitments.
Co-founder Ian McCaig added: “Zacal's commitment extends beyond the spirit itself and we champion environmental responsibility. Recycled glass bottles, a commitment to local suppliers, and minimal water usage showcase a deep respect for the land. We are currently working towards becoming carbon neutral by the end of the year, as well as developing a plan to support local communities in Michoacán.”
Manso (45% ABV, RRP £65) has “notes of sweet almond, citrus, and a whisper of smoke… perfect for cocktail making”. For the Ensamble (50% ABV, RRP £95), Zacal recommends it as a sipping mezcal with a lightly smoked finish.
Both expressions are available now for the on and off-trade, and will be purchasable directly from later this month.

11 April 2024 - Lucy Schofield