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Kamiki Drinks launches 'first' single malt aged in Japanese cedar

Japan's Kamiki Drinks has announced the launch of its Kamiki single malt whisky. 
The whisky, Kamiki's first single malt expression, is claimed to be the first single malt to use Yoshino cedar casks in its maturation.
The spirit was aged for at least three years in oak casks before a finishing period in Yoshino cedar, a variety native to Japan.
Tasting notes supplied by Kamiki Drinks say the whisky "evokes the ambience of a verdant forest" with aromas of green tea, sandalwood, cinnamon, cedar, and pine and delicate floral notes on the palate. 
Kamiki Drinks has used Japanese cedar in the maturation of the blended malt whiskies in its portfolio, along with another native wood variety, Japanese cherry (sakura). Its whiskies are produced at the Kamiki Shuzou Co distillery in Nara Prefecture.
Kamiki Single Malt is now available in Japan and select international markets. More information can be found at

16 April 2024 - Bethany Brown