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Vegan cream liqueur Panther M*lk reveals new bottle design

Cream liqueur brand Panther M*lk has updated its bottle design. Alongside the brand update comes additional flavours in its range, which now feature Crema, Rosa, Cafe, and Menta styles. 
With the new design, the brand is seeking to appeal to a younger, climate-conscious audience. Panther M*lk’s new matte black bottle reduces the amount of raw materials needed in manufacturing and transportation, according to the brand, and the new label is laser-printed. Despite the update, Panther M*lk has preserved its Spanish roots with its classic bottle shape and panther label.
Head of brand Prera Menon commented: “We wanted our bottles to reflect the essence of Panther M*lk — stealth, elegance, and the thrill of discovery.”
The brand was inspired by circa-1920s Spanish cocktail Leche de Pantera. Panther M*lk’s version is made with oat milk, again to appeal to its sustainability-focused audience.
The extended range means the brand now offers vanilla, strawberry, coffee, and mint flavours.
Paul Crawford, founder, said: “This is a landmark moment for me and for the brand. These changes further build our credibility and appeal amongst young consumers, whilst also allowing us to deliver a price point in on and off trade. Panther M*lk brings the good times responsibly, delivering guilt-free indulgence to a generation of drinkers who have come to expect brands to put the planet ahead of profit.”

18 April 2024 - Lucy Schofield