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Kingsbarns Distillery expansion programme underway

Kingsbarns Distillery has invested in a programme of expansion. The distillery’s multi-million-pound plans will increase production and warehousing capacity for its single malt whisky. 
So far, Kingsbarns has installed a 20,000-litre washback which is expected to increase distillation output by more than 40 per cent. The washback, which was made and installed by Clyde Associated Engineers, measured 5.15 metres tall, and installation required removal of a distillery wall. 
In further plans, work is underway for a heat recovery system to cut energy use within the distillery. Kingsbarns is also working on a large-scale warehousing complex nearby the distillery, to increase its storage capacity for maturing spirits. 
William Wemyss, founder of Kingsbarns’ parent company Wemyss Family Spirits, said: “As the distillery approaches its 10th anniversary, this expansion will allow us to ramp up production while gaining better control over specialised maturation and bottling when we start releasing 10- and 12-year-old aged expressions over the coming years.”
The new developments are expected to by fully operational by mid-2024.

20 May 2024 - Lucy Schofield