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Mount Gay releases rum in tribute to late distiller

Mount Gay has launched the seventh expression in its Master Blender Collection, the Coffey Still edition. The limited-edition bottling is a tribute to Blues: Reynold ‘Blues’ Hinds, Mount Gay’s late distiller who spent 50 years with the brand.
Mount Gay’s copper Coffey still, now known as Blues’ Still was recommissioned in 2019, having stood unused for decades. The new bottling is the first distillation released from the still since the refurbishment. Mount Gay credits Blues’ knowledge of distilling history as a major contribution toward the restoration.
Managing director Antoine Couvreur said: “This release is not just a new expression; it’s a heartfelt tribute to Blues, a beloved member of the Mount Gay family. His spirit and expertise continue to influence our craft, and this is our way of preserving his legacy.”
The Coffey Still expression has been made with 100 per cent Barbados molasses and aged for four years in St Lucy, Barbados. Mount Gay says the rum has flavours of florals, pear, grapefruit, and honey.
The Master Blender Collection: The Coffey Still Expression (58% ABV) will be available via select retailers worldwide at RSP US$240.

10 June 2024 - Lucy Schofield