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Les Domaines Paul Mas releases first travel-retail-exclusive range

Les Domaines Paul Mas has announced Astelia, its first wine range exclusive to travel retail. The collection has launched in the Asia Pacific travel retail market.
The Astelia range has been curated by winemaker and owner Jean-Claude Mas, with the aim to embody the “rural luxury” of its Languedoc region. 
Mas commented: “Languedoc is a set of micro terroirs that the Astelia range expresses through plots which, although neighbouring, have different soils, humidity, exposure and altitude so that each of them perfectly accommodates a Chardonnay, a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Syrah and a Grenache. I have selected our best plots to create unique cuvées that harmonise with the land, capturing the essence of each terroir.”
The collection comprises of Astelia Grangette 111, Chardonnay; Astelia Tannes 122, Cabernet Sauvignon; and Astelia Chalamat 178, Syrah Grenache. Each of the three wines in the range features a number marking the altitude of its vineyard plot, and the bottles will show a map of each plot.
Dependent on location of purchase, the wines may be sold with a ‘Sense of Place’ sleeve with illustrations inspired by the country of sale. 
Kévin Florès, export manager for the Asia market at Domaines Paul Mas, added: “We are thrilled to introduce the Astelia range first in travel retail Asia, a market which plays a strategic and significant role for us. These are old world wines with a new world attitude, and each bottle tells the story of its unique terroir and our commitment to outstanding winemaking practices. By launching exclusively in travel retail, we aim to provide travellers with an unparalleled wine experience that captures the essence of French luxury and rural charm.”
Alongside the Astelia collection, Domaines Paul Mas is releasing The Masterpiece and Limited-Edition ranges to travel retail. The Masterpiece is the brand’s collaboration with artist Christophe Heymann, who has created a series of 30 unique hand-painted bottles. The Limited-Edition collection features replicas of the painted bottles, to allow more consumers to access the extremely limited designs.

12 June 2024 - Lucy Schofield