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Wellbeing essential to industry future, Drinks Trust survey finds

The Drinks Trust has released the findings from its fourth annual survey, which asked people in the drinks and hospitality industries for feedback about the past year. The Drinks Trust Industry Survey is run in partnership with Kingsland Drinks.
The trust’s key finding from the survey was the importance of employee wellbeing to the future of the drinks and hospitalities industries. The report showed that wellbeing approaches at work are a high priority for staff. 
Although the survey showed many respondents (41 per cent) are seeing improved wellbeing provision over the last five years, there is still a marked proportion (29 per cent) who have received no communication from a wellbeing lead at their business regarding support or resources. 
In its report, the Drinks Trust highlighted that employee wellbeing initiatives do not only benefit employees, but can provide significant economic benefit to the business, as wellbeing can reduce staff absenteeism and turnover due to stress and poor mental health.
Ross Carter, CEO of the Drinks Trust, commented: “Investing in employee well-being policies is not just an act of corporate kindness; it’s a strategic imperative that fuels productivity, fosters innovation, and builds a resilient workforce. By prioritising the health and content of their people, companies pave the way for sustainable success and a thriving organisational culture. Our survey’s findings clearly show how crucial the wellbeing of employees is and how it’s vitally linked to a healthier and more productive workforce.”
The survey report also shared positive outcomes about how individuals view their prospects and development in industry roles. The 2024 survey found that 65 per cent of respondents see the drinks and hospitality industry as a long term career choice, the same percentage as the previous year’s survey results. When questioned about skills,  31 per cent of respondents said that service roles had been essential to their development. 
The Drinks Trust provides services to the drinks and hospitality workforce through training for individuals and support for businesses. Its Business Advisory Programme is designed to help businesses develop and implement wellbeing strategies. The trust also supports individuals through programmes such as Develop, which aims to upskill and train new and existing members of the industry to facilitate employment and progression.
Ross added: “Looking to the future, 24 per cent of those surveyed said that professional training and qualifications are key to success over the next 12 months, with a further 18 per cent saying that mentoring would help them in their career. This is also something that the wider drinks and hospitality industries can take on board to futureproof the sector.”
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12 June 2024 - Lucy Schofield