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Eisberg to double alcohol free capacity

Alcohol free wine brand Eisberg is expecting to double its capacity through the addition of a new dealcoholisation unit to its winery in Trier, Germany. 
Brand owner Schloss Wachenheim says the new unit will be more energy efficient, using lower temperatures and low energy to remove that alcohol from its wines. 
Dan Harwood, managing director of Wines Europe, said: “During the dealcoholisation process, the hardest part is lowering alcohol levels from 0.5% to 0.05%. The new unit uses vacuum distillation to remove the alcohol from the wine, allowing the alcohol content to gently fall below 0.05%.
“We continue to use vacuum distillation because we can get there without too much energy consumption or excessive heating, making it better for the environment versus alternative methods.
“Removing the alcohol from wine is like trying to unmake a piece of toast. It’s not easy, and opting for more gentle methods makes a big difference to help keep a realistic and enjoyable wine taste.”
Schloss Wachenheim has also installed 5,000 solar panels to increase the amount of renewable energy used in the production process. 

17 June 2024 - Lucy Schofield